NEW YORK (Jan 8, 2021) – Prince Street Pizza announced today that owners Frank and Dominic Morano are stepping down from day-to-day operations of Prince Street Pizza in New York City due to their respective involvement in a series of offensive comments made to customers across Yelp and other platforms. For the foreseeable future, the current manager of Prince Street Pizza in New York City will take over full operational responsibility of the store. Prince Street Pizza unequivocally denounces all forms of racism, injustice, inequality, and bigotry. “There is nothing okay about the comments I made on Yelp,” said Frank Morano. “I take full responsibility and wholeheartedly apologize to our customers, especially our Asian community. All of our customers are family to us, and you deserve so much better. I am stepping down because it’s the right thing to do.” Frank Morano was involved in a heated and racially charged exchange with a customer on Yelp. Prior to this exchange, Frank had security kick the customer out following the customer’s intoxicated and violent behavior toward other customers and employees. The customer retaliated by calling Frank racially degrading terms about his Italian heritage and employee’s other racial epithets. “I wanted to protect my customers and employees,” said Frank. “I should have never responded, I should have taken the high road and let it be. I was so incredibly offended because I love all of our customers and want to protect them and I was shocked at what I was reading. However, the fact of the matter is there is no excuse for what I said and how I responded.” Additionally, co-owner Dominic Morano posted highly insensitive content regarding Black Lives Matter protestors on his personal social media site in 2016. In 2020, when asked why he had posted it, Dominic responded with a meme making light of the situation. “Making light of violence is indefensible,” said Dominic Morano. “I apologize from the bottom of my heart. The horror the world has witnessed in unwarranted and unjust deaths of black men and women killed in recent years has been heartbreaking. And me making light of what is happening was and is wrong.” Prince Street Pizza also acknowledges they removed a Blue Lives Matter sticker from the storefront on or about 2016. The sticker was initially placed on the store because the owners believed it meant support for first responders, which they have significant personal involvement with. Frank Morano was a volunteer responder at the World Trade Center immediately after the 9/11 attack where he rescued at least one person and helped recover victims. The Morano family deeply respects and honors all first responders. However, the sticker was immediately removed once they realized the double meaning it holds. Prince Street Pizza believes that systemic racism, police brutality, White supremacy, and discrimination must end. We support efforts to reform policy that ensures safe and equal existence for all Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC). Prince Street Pizza believes good food brings people together and that is our goal, to bring people together. The business is dedicated to being good stewards of the communities it serves. As an organization, Prince Street Pizza and its employees hope its customers will forgive them and allow them the opportunity to serve them as we are grateful for the opportunity to do better. Our customers deserve better.

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We want to take a moment to address recent comments and social media posts about members of our shop being racist toward our customers. We care deeply about our customers’ feedback and take it very seriously when a customer has a negative experience in one of our shops. Our actions in the past in addressing negative customer concerns have fallen short and were extremely inappropriate. What we said and how we behaved was wrong then, is wrong today, and will always be wrong. We truly apologize and empathize for the hurt we caused in these incidents and apologize to all of our Prince Street Pizza customers. Racism and discrimination have no place at Prince Street Pizza shops or anywhere else. Those comments do not reflect who we are as a company today and who we strive to be.
We also recognize that words are not enough to make it right. Prince Street Pizza has since learned from these mistakes and made improvements to our business, including how we address our customers’ concerns. At the height of all of the unrest that is happening in the United States when it comes to race, justice, and equality as well as the world’s struggle with COVID-19 – we as people must be united now more than ever. We have taken steps and are continuing to take steps to improve our customer service to make sure this can never happen again. Changing for the better is often the result of listening to critical feedback and learning from past mistakes. This is true for Prince Street Pizza.
We believe in service and want to continue serving our community and a difference through our charitable work, which includes donating pies to frontline workers and hospitals as well as partnering with other charitable organizations within our communities. We are grateful for all feedback because it gives us an opportunity to improve. We want to foster an environment that our staff and customers feel comfortable in and we take full responsibility for our past mistakes and conduct. Some changes we have made over the years include hiring dedicated customer service personnel and expanding our accessibility to our customers through social media, texting, and phone services. Some of these improvements are in their early stages and we are actively working to make them seamless for our customers. The majority of our staff at Prince Street Pizza are Black, Indigenous, or People of Color (BIPOC) and we operate our business in two of the most diverse cities in the United States. We are proud of the diversity we foster and the diverse locations we serve. We believe diversity provides greater perspectives and makes us and the world at large, better. Caring and nourishing are at the heart of who we are and what we do as a food business. We love our customers and staff and are committed to treating everyone with dignity and respect. Staff or business partners accused of racism or other inappropriate behavior are investigated swiftly, and we will take action based on the results of our findings which may range from administrative action, training, to termination of employment. The safety of our customers and employees is our top priority. Prince Street Pizza operates in strict compliance with health codes and CDC guidelines for COVID-19. Some of our compliance measures include but are not limited to, installing new plexiglass that is taller, wider, and thicker; limiting how many customers can be in our shops at one time; training all of our employees in COVD-19 safety requirements; requiring all staff and customers to wear masks properly; and frequent COVID-19
testing of our staff. Any concerns about violations of our health and safety standards are immediately addressed and corrected. We believe that good food brings people together and that is our goal, to bring people together. We hope that we can continue being good stewards of the communities we serve and dedicate our business to ensuring that. We hope our customers will forgive us and allow us the opportunity to serve them as we are grateful for the opportunity to do better. Our customers deserve better. Please reach out to our customer service team at for any questions or to share your feedback.


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